Our Contribution to Professionals

Valentino Rossi selected special ENEOS colored under-cowl, heading to Jerez/Spain GP.

We have been contributing to victories for one of the best MotoGP team in the world. Our motor oil will unleash your engine with great performance and durability.

Ultra-high viscosity (less viscosity change due to temperature) greatly improves fuel-efficiency under various running conditions, from short-distance commutes to high-speed cruises.

On October 12th 2016, Valentino Rossi visited the JX central technical research laboratory. Dressed up to match his nickname of "The Doctor", he enjoyed his observing the laboratory, mixing his own racing oil, and being introduced to ENEOS's leading-edge technology.

On February 2016, Movistar Yamaha MotoGP team conducted the final test of special racing oil developed by ENEOS.

In 2015, Movistar Yamaha MotoGP team won the world championship. Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo visited headquarter of JX in Tokyo.