ENEOS's Premium Motor Oi l : SUSTINA

Engine oil ingredients Base oil + Additives

The world’s highest-level base oil that realizes high fuel efficiency
WBASE(Double Base)

  • The viscosity index is higher by about 15%*.
    • Compared with conventional synthetic base oil.
  • Fuel-efficiency performance is up to 2%** better.

ENEOS’s proprietary technology for lasting outstanding performance (many patents acquired)

  • Minimizes sulfur content*.
    • Cuts 70% of sulfur content in the product.
  • Engine cleaning performance lasting power doubled**!
    Fuel-efficiency performance lasting power doubled**!

**Compared with API:SM, ILSAC:GF-4 fuel-efficient oil (same viscosity grade); the performance may vary depending on the state of use and viscosity grade.

SUSTINA protects your engine from sludge and maintains
high fuel-efficiency performance over the long term.

An oil to protect engines from sludge and assure high-fuel efficiency for a long time

Fuel eficiency
improved by
up to 2%

Oil for reduced ecologic impact and improved fuel-efficiency!

Ultra-high viscosity (less viscosity change due to temperature) greatly improves fuel-efficiency under various running conditions, from short-distance commutes to high-speed cruises.


Keep the inside of your engine sparkling clean!

An additive with 70% lower sulfur content. Greatly improves engine cleanliness compared with conventional oil by using ENEOS's exclusive patent-protected to prevent deterioration due to sulfur-containing additives.

Fuel efficiency

Superior fuel-efficiency for a very long time

The friction adjuster and sustained power of the cleaner reduce engine friction loss. Fuel efficiency is sustained.

Performance may vary according to the fuel-saving oil (API: SM or ILSAC: GF-4, same viscosity grade), conditions of use, and viscosity grade.

ZP (ZincP) technology proven by actual car testing

ZP (ZincP) technology is an ENEOS’s original additive technology that maintains the high performance of engine oil.
It reduces sulfur content, which is contained in engine oil additives, and offers dramatically longer-lasting cleaning performance.

Comparison of piston cleanliness after a 100-hour continuous engine test

Existing fuel-efficient oil (SM/GF-4)

ENEOS SUSTINA’s high level of cleanliness keeps the inside of the engine clean.

Comparison of engine head cover cleanliness after a 200-hour continuous engine test

Existing fuel-efficient oil

With ENEOS SUSTINA, the cleaning agent remains longer, and dirt buildup inside the engine is reduced.