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Mr. Hanh

Beside using for his own car, he changes oil for his passenger cars as well (tourism service)
And highly appreciate ENEOS SM/CF 15W-40; ENEOS CI-4/DH-1 15W-40

Why did you start using ENEOS oil?
A garage introduced me this oil. I knew that ENEOS is a Japanese brand, so I thought it would be a good match with my own car which is Japanese as well.
How long have you been using ENEOS oil? How did you feel any change of your car?
I am using it for roughly 3 years.
I feel that ENEOS SM/CF 15W-40 is a good oil.
After running roughly 6,000 to 7,000 km, I still find that the engine still runs smoothly.
While I was using other lubricant, after 5,000 km, the engine was not running smoothly anymore and was making strange noise.
Are you satisfied with the performance of ENEOS oil?
Yes, totally satisfied
Anything to expect from ENEOS in the near future?
Expect better quality & better price (if possible)

Our User's voice