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Mr. Filatov

He owns Toyota Prius and prefers using ENEOS Ecostage Fully Synthetic SN/RC 0W-20 for his engine and ENEOS Premium AT Fluid for his automatic transmission.

Why did you start using ENEOS oil?
ENEOS oils are widely known in Russia, you can get ENEOS products in any auto shop, which is very convenient. My friend (who is an auto mechanic, by the way) recommended me ENEOS 6 years ago. Additionally, these oils are Japanese, that is why I was confident in their quality.
How did you feel any change of your car?
I use ENEOS SN 0W-20 for my Toyota Prius. This oil is all-season, fuel efficient and provides longer drain interval.
When it's heavy traffic on roads and I drive in "start-stop" regime, my engine works silently and smoothly with ENEOS. Also, it costs a lot to repair a hybrid system and therefore, I am scrupulous about choosing motor oil.
Considering harsh climate in Russia and sometimes very low winter temperature, it must be sure I can start my car with no trouble even when I am far from home. And ENEOS gives me such assurance.
When ENEOS AT Fluid was introduced in Russia, I decided to try it with no doubts. And my car transmission thanked me: smooth shifting and absolutely no shudder!
Are you satisfied with the performance of ENEOS oil?
I am absolutely satisfied.
There is a wide range of automotive oils and fluids in Russia and it's extremely difficult to choose suitable product for your car. The main factors I consider choosing automotive lubricants are my personal experience, serviceman's recommendations and price. ENEOS oil meets all factors.
I drive about 7000 km in 3 months and I change oil every 10,000 km, but my engine is always clean and there is no oil burning.
I am a sales representative and my work is connected with continuous long-range movements. Being late for a meeting with a partner, I have a high risk to crumb a profitable deal. Thanks to ENEOS I don't worry about "unpleasant surprises" with my car on roads.
Anything to expect from ENEOS in the near future?
"Resource-conserving" is a solid argument when choosing motor oil. It's excellent that ENEOS is in step with the times providing such properties of its products.
It would be great if ENEOS lubricants become even more fuel efficient.
Could you give some advices to car enthusiasts on how to choose motor oil?
I would recommend people who value their cars and prefer stable engine efficiency to use ENEOS oils. ENEOS perfectly matches with day/night temperature changes and high humidity. With ENEOS you don't need oil refilling. These oils are always superior!
The most important thing about using motor oil is to change it timely. Fulfill this condition and be confident at the wheel!

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