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Mr. Yan

He uses ENEOS SUSTINA SN 5W-30 for his passenger car and he appreciates the performance that ENEOS oil provides.

Why did you start using ENEOS oil?
I was recommended from a friend.
How long have you been using ENEOS oil? How did you feel any change of your car?
For about 3 years. My oil consumption has reduced since changing to SUSTINA oil. And the engine works silently and smoothly with ENEOS.
Are you satisfied with the performance of ENEOS oil?
Of course. This year I bought another car, and I think I'll choose ENEOS as well.
Anything to expect from ENEOS in the near future?
It would be great if ENEOS advertised on television and radio in China and let more people know about the benefits of using ENEOS oil. Not just it saves our money, but it’s also good for environmental protection.

Our User's voice