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Mr. Adi Sukarta

Product he uses: ENEOS Molybdenum SAE 10W-40

Why did you start using ENEOS oil?
Because many mechanics recommended me to use ENEOS oil. And ENEOS is Japan’s No.1 oil company. ENEOS is also specially designed for cars made in Japan.
How long have you been using ENEOS oil? How did you feel any change of your car?
I have used ENEOS Molybdenum SAE 10W-40 for around 3 years. The engine became smoother, got more power and more fuel efficient.
Are you satisfied with the performance of ENEOS oil?
Yes. For Japanese cars, please use same Japanese ENEOS Oil and feel the difference.
Where did you buy ENEOS oil?
At the moment, ENEOS oil are available and easy to get in almost every workshop in Indonesia.

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