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SHOP NAME ; Wan Tuner

Product line up: Top Racing 10W-40, Eco Racing 15W-40, Commonrail Plus 10W-30,
Turbo Commonrail 15W-40, Diesel Plus 10W-30, Diesel Plus 15W-40, ATF Multi

When and Why did you start selling ENEOS Oil?
I have been selling ENEOS Oil for 3years because ENEOS Oil are reasonable price and good quality.
Are you satisfied with the performance of ENEOS Oil?
Yes, the customers were satisfied with ENEOS products when we recommend to them.
They will always recommend ENEOS products to other people. Therefore, we can sell ENEOS Oil much more volume.
How did you feel any change of your car?
According to the feedback from end-users who changed oil at our garage, most end-users were satisfied with ENEOS products. Because they could increase acceleration and lubricate for automotive engine until fully running period 10,000 km. The other brand can be running well only around 5,000-7,000 km.
Anything to expect from ENEOS in the near future?
Please keep ENEOS Oil in the best quality, and also promote ENEOS brand in Thailand for consumers.

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