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Mr. Manoj Gautam

Product he uses: ENEOS 5W-30 Fully Synthetic

Why did you start using ENEOS?
Mechanic recommend me ENEOS engine oil and told me about the high quality of product, as well as there is a cost advantage also in terms of Synthetic oil. I am using ENEOS 5W-30 Fully Synthetic engine oil.
How long have you been using ENEOS oil?
From almost 1.5 years I am continuously using ENEOS oil, done 6 services in interval of 1.5 years.
How do you feel any change of your car?
Running is smooth and pickup is better now and its pocket friendly also, so I can say its Value for Money product. High quality at reasonable price.
Are you satisfied with ENEOS oil?
Yes very much satisfied and recommend ENEOS to my friends as well.I will keep using ENEOS.
Anything expect from ENEOS in the future?
I want complete car care products from ENEOS like coolant and greases as well along with engine oil.

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